DSP Training Program for Gracious Services Enrolled Families

Open Only to Gracious Services Enrolled Families

Caring For Your Family Member with IDD Requires Love, Patience and Commitment

The family members of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities often play a critical role in the daily lives of their loved ones. Besides patience and love, one or more family members may assist with feeding, bathing, recreation, education, socializing, transportation and more.

Get Paid for Your Full-Time Care Giving and Alleviate Financial Stress in Your Household

Often the level of care required for IDD family members can be time consuming, reaching the equivalent of a full time job and placing stress on family dynamics and budgets. The good news is that the family member can be trained as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) and actually get paid for what they already provide their family member with!

Get Hired and then Trained by Gracious Services to Become a Paid Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Get Trained When You Commit to Working Through Gracious Services

The New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities provides the training for free. Training takes approximately ten hours, and is available entirely online. At the end of training, participants will take a test, offered online as well.

You have nothing to lose. DSP training is fast, convenient and free!

Get Hired and then Paid by Gracious Services to Care for Family Member

After training is complete, Gracious Services Inc. will hire you as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). No experience is required besides taking care of their family member from birth. You get hired to care for your family member because you know your family member better than anyone else. Gracious Services, Inc. pays you directly and the starting hourly rate is greater than minimum wage.