How Can Ideal Behaviors Be Developed?


We all want our loved ones with disabilities to live a life where they can be happy, productive, and most of all, safe. This is often achieved with good socialization, community based support, and other interventions.

However, as we provide families with holistic services in New Jersey, we understand that helping people with IDDs have behaviors that can be harmful to their safety and overall well-being. These behaviors can make it hard for them to live a good life. How can these behaviors be replaced with ideal ones?

  • Routines
    A good routine can help streamline activities that your loved ones can have for the day. Developing routines is vital in development disability care. Routines help structure their day. These also help develop new skills and ideal behaviors as they encourage your loved ones to perform them consistently.
  • Positive Reinforcement
    You can also encourage ideal behavior through positive reinforcement. You can use rewards and positive stimuli and present them to your loved ones after they perform ideal behaviors. These rewards will make it more likely for these behaviors to be repeated.
  • Behavioral Interventions
    A wide range of behavioral interventions is also available for your loved ones. These interventions are designed specifically to alter certain behaviors in individuals. You can use these interventions to encourage ideal behaviors while removing harmful ones. Mental health providers and behavioral experts often provide this service.

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