Fun Activities for Adults With Learning Disabilities


A Gracious Services Inc. client shows off his handiwork.

When we play, we discover nature and the world, and most importantly, it’s about having fun. If you’re a parent of a child with learning disabilities, here are some fun activities you can try out at home.

  • Memory matching cardsMemory matching cards are suitable for all ages and are easy to play with. Whether at home or in a community-based support group meeting, or anywhere, it’s a game that’s easy and fun. It helps exercise memory, and it also helps improve attention to detail.
  • Building blocksBuilding blocks are not just for kids! They help improve creativity, problem-solving skills, and even social skills as we learn to play with others. Gracious Services Inc., which specializes in development disability care always has building blocks ready because our clients with learning disabilities, such as those with autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome and cerebral palsy, find playing with building blocks a great way to exercise creativity.
  • TechnologyTechnology is not a recreation that should be avoided by parents. In fact, children with hearing impairment, or language and speech delay will find that technology helps them become independent and empowered. Others with movement or communication challenges can find new ways to engage with the array of technological supports available today.
  • Throwing a ballWhile it seems simple enough, this actually helps improve motor coordination and social skills. Whether its on the basketball court or in the yard, this powerful exercise requires almost no equipment, and can be enjoyed alone or in groups. At Gracious Services, Inc., our day habilitation and recreation clients often play this game.

When thinking about activities, observe what interests your family member and think about what will help them improve the most. If you’re looking for places that’ll specialize in developmental disabilities in Essex, Somerset, or Union counties in New Jersey, Gracious Services, Inc. is just a click away , let’s customize a program for you!