Supporting you in your employment endeavors and opportunities

For an enhanced care experience with us, we also offer supported employment services to all our clients so they may find careers that suit their interests and maintain gainful employment. With the presence of our job coaches, we can help them in all job endeavors: job search, training, placement, and more.

This is most relevant to our clients with developmental disabilities. We understand the discrimination and negative response that the general market has for them, and we strive to guide them to a career path they feel happy in.

Our supported employment services include:

  • On-the-job supports – This may include job coaching to introduce clients to workplace knowledge and culture and is generally followed by consultation and counseling to maintain the career position.
  • Job transitions – For individuals who may want to shift into another career path or take on a new role in the same business, job transitions can help ease their change and make them focus on a different set of goals.

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