Helping your loved ones create meaningful connections within the community

Staying connected with the community is one way of improving your loved one’s communication skills and expanding their social circles. For this very reason, we offer community inclusion services, so our clients are allowed to create and develop meaningful connections to the people in the community.
This program focuses on:

  • Community-Based Supports – We provide direct assistance to clients on a one-on-one personalized basis. This program encourages increased independence, productivity, and confidence among clients with developmental challenges.
  • Career Planning – We provide clients with enough employment opportunities, training, and options, so they can be directed to a career path that suits their expertise and prepares them for the competitive employment market.
  • Pre-vocational Training – We provide clients with the appropriate training and work experience they need to be efficient and productive in the workplace; this includes improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Individual Supports – We provide clients on an hourly or weekly basis with added support for daily living, whether with personal assistance or assistive technology, so they may accomplish short-term and long-term goals
  • Behavioral Supports – We provide clients with appropriate support in all their behavioral needs. We work with behavioral care providers and manage personalized care plans so that clients can experience the best care possible whenever and wherever.
  • Residential Services – We provide clients with suitable living spaces so they may continue living life with ease and comfort. We seek to help individuals with developmental disabilities in all their residential needs.

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