IDD Day Habilitation


Discover the Benefits of Day Habilitation Programs

Day habilitation programs are designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities with support to achieve their life goals and find a meaningful path to community…

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gracious services special needs adult meltdown

How to Handle a Adult with a Special Needs Meltdown

Anxiety, difficulties in communication, sensation problems, and changes in routine are among the many factors that may trigger a meltdown or the intense response that…

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How Can Ideal Behaviors Be Developed?

We all want our loved ones with disabilities to live a life where they can be happy, productive, and most of all, safe. This is…

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gracious services special needs art therapy

Art Therapy for Adults with Special Needs

Adults with developmental disabilities may find it difficult to express how they feel when other people may misunderstand their behavior. This can be frustrating and…

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Fun Activities for Adults With Learning Disabilities

When we play, we discover nature and the world, and most importantly, it’s about having fun. If you’re a parent of a child with learning…

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Christmas Party at Day Habilitation with Gracious Services Inc.

Gracious Services Inc.’s Habilitation “Family” Christmas Party is enjoyed by all!!! It’s a chance to practice socializing and enjoy holiday treats, crafts, music and a…

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